Google provides a generous business tool kit for Non profit organizations. One tool is the Free Google Ad Grant which is an in kind $10,000/ month advertising grant which can be used to place your GEO targeted related ads on the Google Ad Network.

This generous grant when managed and optimized properly will add lift to your non-profit helping to promote your missions, events and initiatives.

Of course, you can attempt to optimally manage the ad Grant and your Adword advertising campaigns all on your own or you can add Woo Media Works to your marketing team and insure your marketing success.

Our basic strategy goals are to help you 1) humanize your Marketing, 2) use mobile technology to simplify donations, 3) seek fresh perspectives and make a human connection.

— Google Grants Management —

We assist non-profits & charities (5013c’s) by connecting them to the huge power of the Google Grants program. You can apply for the grant yourself or we can assist your organization in making the right choices. Ask us how you can secure a sponsor to pay for investment in our grant management services.

Mission Marketing Strategy Ensures Your Non-Profit Success

As always marketing strategy is what ensures your non-profit benefits from Google Grants. Our team of online marketing experts customize marketing strategies to match the need of each of our distinct clients. We base these marketing strategies on your goals. By having a team of professionals manage your account, we’re able to refine, split test and optimize your campaigns to produce the highest quality traffic. Our Google Grants strategies may vary from client to client, but the benefits for your non-profit do not.

Benefits of Google Grants for Non-Profits:

  • Increase Mission Awareness, Build Lists

  • Promote Interests that Attracts Volunteers

  • Enhanced Marketing Increases Traffic and Sponsors

  • Increase Donations

  • Promote Events, Sell Tickets

Woo Media Works will help you increase your mission awareness and grow your non-profit’s bottom line by implementing proven online marketing strategies. Do you really want to risk your Now opportunity with  a sure learning curve?

The Value is in Your Email and Mobile Lists 

The money is in the lists! Collecting emails and mobile numbers should be an integral part of your Google Grants strategy to grow your non-profit organization. Email addresses and mobile numbers give you instant access to potential donors, volunteers and sales.

Google Grants gives you the budget to drive potential donors to any of your online or mobile landing pages. Now, potential donors can opt in to become active parts of your databases.

Research performed by Convio demonstrates that the average email is worth nearly $8 in first year donations for non-profit organizations.

Content on the Human Level is Still King for Non Profits

When it comes to content, presenting fresh, relevant content that piques reader’s undivided attention is an excellent way to attract new supporters and donors. For non profits, storytelling is one of the most important marketing tools because it provides a way for your non profit to connect with the emotions that help drive donor engagement and ongoing support.

By establishing credibility within a Cause niche, non profit businesses eventually earn the level of trust that prompts potential supporters, volunteers and the media to validate that you have a worthy mission.

Google Grants connects your non-profit to potential donors and media who search for content that discusses your cause. Once you hook a potential donor with compelling content, it is only a matter of time before they pull out the payment method to help advance your cause and mission.

Action: Pictures, Videos and Going Live

Consumers of content aren’t willing to accept low-quality content, and in fact, will walk away from a brand that doesn’t invest the time and effort in creating thoughtful, engaging content including non profits. And, it doesn’t have to be an elaborate Hollywood production. Simple live streaming shots of your team carrying out out daily tasks or planning an event could garner thousands of views and shares. The darnedest things seem to go viral!

By embedding videos into your website and social media content, your non-profit will attract visitors who spend more time on your website and profile pages. The more time they spend on your websites results in more visitors supporting, donating and becoming familiar with your cause.

Producing professional online videos is not cheap, and Google Grants helps defray the costs for non-profits that typically operate on small budgets. How can you attract corporate sponsors with your ad campaigns? Ask us how!

Your Non Profit and Search Engine Marketing: A Perfect Google Combination

When Google initially launched its Google Grants program, our marketing team immediately saw how this program could tremendously help non-profits grow their mission, supporters and donor bases. Considering that the grant text-based search advertising closely resembles the text-based search advertising that we professionally perform with Google AdWords for business clients.

Your organization can expect our highly seasoned technical team of Google Grant search engine experts to create multiple campaigns, ad copy, and researched keyword/keyphrase lists that fully optimize your online marketing strategy.Our goal is to spend the entire $10,000 per month maximizing your full potential.

After our initial strategy session with you, we will help you identify the optimal messages, states, cities, and zip codes where potential donors, volunteers and supporters live. Through our marketing techniques, we quickly identify and replace the poorly performing ads and keywords. We research, test and replace them to ensure that Google actually shows your ads. Remember, Google wants to provide accurate search results. There’s no sense going through the motions if your ads are not going to show.

Google Grants is not some gimmick that you should just try out to see how it will work for you. You should take this $120,000 yearly grant and visualize successfully meeting all of your goals.

Contact Woo Media Works and let’s discuss how your organization can WIN with Google Ad Grants.

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