Our LinkedIn Social Media Automation Services laser focuses on the most hyper effective platform for clients who focus on B2B services.

LinkedIn continues to dominate the B2B networking space and our clients have experienced outstanding results using LinkedIn as a lead generation marketing platform.

  • 106 million active monthly users

  • 133 million US members

  • There are 57% male users and 44% female users

  • 44% of Linkedin users earn more than $75,000 in a year.

  • After US, India, Brazil, Great Britain and Canada has the highest number of LinkedIn users.

— Our LinkedIn Marketing Features —

We empower Entrepreneurs, Businesses, Career Seekers Non-Profits & Charities by connecting them to opportunities through our targeted goal specific LinkedIn Automation Services.

Check out our Campaign Service Features:


Strategy is always crucial in any long term marketing success! After our initial strategy conversations, we help you Build your perfect targeted network audiences, Engage them with targeted content and personable communications, Promote your products, services, ideas & Grow your Authority Marketing success. When mastered in unison the results always means predictable success, more sales, awesome connections and the best career moves ever.

Building The Right Audience

LinkedIn allows you to Build your audience by targeting specific groups of people based on numerous filters. You can filter by industry, geography etc. Our first task is to develop a valuable and engaged audience for you to market your business or specific goal(s). We have several ways to filter including:

  • Boost Connections Feature

Our Boost Connections feature reaches out to the LinkedIn Open Networkers called (LIONS). These are LinkedIn members whose reputation is clear that they are willing to accept connections from everyone. The connections generated from this tasks are general and global.

  • Build Connections Feature

The Build Connections feature is to identify and request to connect with LinkedIn members that meet specific criteria including location, industry, and position. The targeting can be as broad or granular as is needed.

  • Accept Connections Feature

We automatically accept incoming requests for you adding them to your first level connections.


Engage Your Audience with Targeted Content and Personable Communications

Once new and potential connections have been identified, it’s time to start engaging! Our mission is to have you come off authentic and genuine from the very first messaging and help keep you in touch with your connections to build relationships that can lead to business. Our engage strategy includes:

  • Connection & Welcome Message Feature

Instead of utilizing the generic, “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” message, we will serve a customized message to the new potential connection that makes them more likely to accept your invitation. Once they have connected, we then serve up another message that engages the new connection and introduces your non-profit to them.

  • Auto Opt-in Feature

This gives you the ability to capture the first name and email address of all new connections to add to your email autoresponder lists.

  • Congratulate Feature

Every day on LinkedIn someone has a birthday, work anniversary, or are starting a new job. This feature congratulates them on the accomplishment and helps you to discover who is active and paying attention, and opens the door for another conversation.

  • Endorsement Feature

LinkedIn members all appreciate endorsements because it helps to position them as an authority in the skills that they pride themselves. This feature will endorse your connections daily and many will thank you for the endorsement, start a conversation or give you the chance to do so.

  • Like Post Feature

When someone goes to the effort of posting an article they appreciate it when you like it. You can choose the types of posts that you like by keyword and engage your connections even more! We have solutions.

Promote your Products, Services and Ideas

While promoting engaging value added content to your profile, we also want to include some promotional content to get eyes on your business or non-profit.With our promote feature, we’ll include two options to promote content that is sales focused including:

  • Promotional Posts

    Short messages inviting your connections to contact you for the services you provide. This also amplifies your credibility and generates inquiries and new business.

  • Website Content

    Promoting your website(s), news, quotes, products with the objective of driving traffic to your website(s) sales funnels generating sales.

Grow your Authority Marketing Success

In this strategy, it’s time to be active on LinkedIn and share “Thought Leader” content that your connections will find interesting and valuable. With our Share Content feature, we curate content from the web without having to go through the effort of you authoring it. This content will position you as an Authority in your area of expertise. Content options include:

  • Google News
  • Google Videos
  • YouTube Channel Feeds
  • RSS Feeds

We can also engage your connections directly through their personal inbox!

  • Send Network Messages Feature

This feature sends private messages to your current connections that are delivered into their LinkedIn inbox. This personalized message promotes what you do and provides value to your connections. You can send messages to connections by industry, keyword, or all connections.

Ask us how you can get your story, news releases and quotes on 300+ Media websites across the US, including all 4 major TV network’s affiliate websites.

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