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About US

According to state records Woo Media Works officially birthed in early 2003, but the truth of the matter is the core values of providing outstanding value was born decades prior.

Chuck Woo is the entrepreneur, Managing Director and driving force behind Woo Media Works, a growing corporation with divisions in Technology, Communications, Finance, Business Development, Marketing and Global Virtual Staffing.

Woo Media Works Marketing provides solutions and services to the Sales, Technology, Communications, Information and Online Marketing Industries.

Woo Media Communications has been responsible for creating, managing and operating hundreds of websites including media platforms, membership websites, social networks, mobile networks, informational blogs, online sales networks, video networks and several global news media outlets.

Woo Media Works Technology specializes in technology, cloud solutions, SaaS solutions, system automation, virtualization and network solutions.

Woo Financial specializes in a variety of business finance solutions.

Woo Media Global Virtual Staffing provides virtual assistant services for a global client base.

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