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The Only Automated Marketing Tool You Need To:

  • Generate Customers – Make it easy for your customers to refer and recommend your business to their friends and associates.

  • Boost Retention – You get our fully automated and track-able loyalty system that keeps your customers wanting to come back!

  • Enhance Your Reputation – Control and Own your reputation on major review sites like Yelp and Google – 100% automated.

— Hyper Local Business Marketing —

Grow your business organically. Attract the highest quality customers who spend more and keep coming back. Automate over 30 everyday tasks, save more than 60 man-hours/week.. quite literally this is the only marketing tool you’ll ever need . . .

Consider These Benefits:

Referral Marketing

Turn all your customers into your sales team!
Your customers will recommend your business (and get rewarded for doing so) through email, social media and SMS with a couple of clicks.

All referrals and rewards are tracked automatically. No extra work created.

Through our Affiliate Network you can also get referrals from nearby businesses through our PartnerUp program. PartnerUp with another business that offers a complimentary product/service to yours.

Customer Loyalty Program

Our smart loyalty program has multiple ways to engage your customers and keep them coming back to your business.

Identify your most loyal customers
Reward them with exclusive offers through our text and email marketing platforms.

Reputation Management & Marketing

  • Only your existing customers registered in the program can write reviews about your business, protecting you against spammers, competitors and fake reviews

  • With our smart filtering technology, you stop nasty reviews from leaking into the internet-o-sphere and hurting your online reputation for good.

  • Our system provides incentives to every past, current and future customer to post reviews and give feedback.

  • We integrate with Yelp and Google to help your customers share their positive experiences directly into those directories.

  • Feel confident in using reputation websites in your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Automation

We provide an all-in-one solution to automate your daily marketing tasks. Our system is designed to give you measurable results while simultaneously freeing up your time. When you pay for one platform that takes care of customer generation, retention, online reputation, performance tracking and the following:

  • 2-Way SMS Marketing

    Customize each message with customer name, loyalty program details and/or recent activity or status.

    Messages delivered over our TCPA-complian SMS marketing platform

    Send a promotion to all of your passive customers. Quickly fill open slots on a slow day with a timely email.

  • SMS Autoresponders

    Send text messages to your customers after every call, visit, reward redemption, etc. Set up your templates and concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

  • Email Campaigns

    Segment customers by activity, status or last purchase and customize messages for each segment.

    Avoid ending up in Promotion or Spam folders with your emails.

    Use drip campaigns to stay in touch and educate your clients about all your services or engage them in a smart follow-up system.

    Use our email content and theme templates for each US holiday to engage your customers automatically over the holidays.

    Engaged customers are loyal customers!

  • Landing Pages

    We provide you with beautiful looking landing pages that can generate leads for your business and bring more people through your doors.

    Mobile Responsive, Search Engine Optimized, Google Adwords Optimized, Groupon Ready.

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Have you ever seen a television commercial or heard a radio spot for Twitter or Facebook? No. These companies have experienced massive growth all from referrals. Discover how you can make it easy plus reward your customers to refer your business. On our webinar, you will learn how to :

  • Automate your Referral Marketing
  • Automate your Reputation Management and integrate with Yelp and others
  • Automate and Incentivize your Loyalty Rewards including your Groupon promotions
  • Automate your 2-Way-SMS Marketing, Email Campaigns, Landing Pages and more . . .

Join the webinar from your computer and chat one on one with a creative Marketing Coach.

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