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Woo Media Works’ Media Placement Service Guarantees that Your Story, News Releases and Quotes will appear on 300+ Media websites across the US, including ALL Four Major TV Network’s affiliate websites. 

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Who uses Authority Marketing? Professionals, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to be recognized as the best in their industries. Make your products or services stand out from your competition. Show the Media and the rest of the World your expertise.

People trust Professionals and their Businesses who are associated with brands they already Trust.

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Our Media Placement Service Gets Your Quotes, Stories, News, Press Releases Distributed To High Authority, High Traffic, Highly Recognized Media Outlets Than The Traditional PR Industry’s Dated Distribution Networks. Your Full Reports Detail The Exact Media Links To Your News.

Utilize our Media Placement distribution service for your own pre-written news releases or have our talented skilled writing team craft your business story, news and messages. Through our discovery interview process, we’ll identify newsworthy messages, events or news to propel you as That Media Industry Expert for your Product, Service or Business! Ask about our 3 and 7 day news writing services.

Adding Network Media Logos to your website alone is not what will drive more sales. How you use your Media Authority, establishing yourself and/or business as an Industry Expert, is what will determine your Success Altitude. How do you stand out from your competitors now? Let’s speak about how to effectively use your Media Placements. Planning is Everything!


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